So I took a few weeks off from writing. I haven’t had a lot of free time lately. With 3 under 4 and a new business, there have been more important things to take care of. Now that things have settled down I thought I would pick up where things left off.

Yesterday, we received the 911 recording from Jennifer Schulz at the Newport Beach Fire Department. Megan and I listened to it for the first time last night. You can hear the panic in my voice and I still get a little nervous when I hear it. Thank god Amer Lara (the calm woman on the phone with me) was there to help us. I think youtube is taking over media because wordpress wouldn’t let me embed a wave file. I had to make it into a movie with Piper as the star…

I also tracked down the footage of all the broadcasts thanks to Missy from LA Clips. The first clip is from back on labor day, we went to the Newport Beach Fire Department to visit with Steve Martin, Glenn White and the rest of the crew from the fire department. Jennifer organized things and had gifts for all the girls. Eloise and Hadley really liked the NBFD t-shirts. They wear them to bed as night shirts. CBS 2 was there as well. It was on the 6 O’Clock news that night. Some of you saw the clips already but if not, here it is:

The day after the visit with the NBFD, I was at the ATM and my banker came out of the bank to tell me he saw me on the news. Word travels fast in a small town like Laguna Beach. It still comes up at every party or function we go to. Women are in awe of Megan. Of course she looks great and you’d never guess that she just had a baby.

I also tracked down the ABC 7 clip that was aired back in August. Hopefully CBS and ABC don’t make me take this down. The woman at LA Clips warned me that they might. We’ll see

In October there is a Newport Beach Fire and Lifeguard Appreciation Party. I figure KoreOne should sponsor a table this year.


2 thoughts on “The 911 Recording

  1. Brian and Megan,

    I work for Orange County EMS. When I read Jeff Overly’s article in August, 2010, I knew this was something to save for the Red Cross Awards. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated Steve Martin, Captain Glenn White and Dispatcher Amber Lara for the 2011 American Red Cross Bravo for Bravery Awards in the category of Medical Hero. Lae enforcement, fire, dispatch, hospital, and ambulance personnel are a very modest bunch of individuals with whome I have had an honor and privilege of getting to know for more than two decades and their belief has always been I’m just “doing my job” irregardless if it is performed on or off duty.

    Eileen Endo
    Orange County EMS

  2. Dear Brian and Megan,

    I just wanted to let you know that this afternoon, paramedic Steve Martin, Captain Glenn White, and dispatcher Amber Lara were recognized as Medical Heroes by the American Red Cross at their 8th Annual Bravo for Bravery Awards luncheon.
    I work for Orange County EMS and came across this story last August in the Register. I knew that this was one that needed to be turned in for their annual awards ceremony.


    Eileen Endo, Orange County EMS

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