Well, Piper Week is over and she’s acting like a normal baby now. I talked to my sister Susan last night. She lives in LA but with all the craziness she hasn’t made it down to meet Piper yet. Its funny that the first time she ever saw Piper was on the ABC 7 news in LA. She’s also impressed that you can already google the Piper stories. We’re trying to track down the news story to put online. I will keep you posted on that. In the meantime I wanted to reflect a bit more, not on the delivery, buy more on the aftermath…

A good friend of mine Kevin Carroll called me late last week.  He said “Bri, I just got finished reading your blog and…”  Then he inserted a dramatic pause.  The kind of pause you saw from Mike Meyers in the coffee talk skit on SNL:

I thought he was getting verklempt and I was expecting to hear  some compliment about the story.  I got a lot of “wow”s, “unbelievable”s, “amazing”s last week.  About a dozen guys confessed to tearing up while reading it. But Kevin said none of those things.  He simply said:

I can’t tell you how gay you sounded.

Now please I mean no offense to homosexuals and neither does he.  He’s always good for a laugh, but that same friend sent my wife flowers in the hospital and about 25 lbs of pre-made italian dinners.  We’re a little sick of pasta now thanks to him. That’s the type of friends we have though.  Publicly they act like cavemen but privately they’re gay.

And really when we look back at Piper Week, the truly inspirational part of this story is not that Piper was born in a car.  I’d bet some mom’s would consider us lucky to have given birth in the luxury of a 2004 Highlander.  Like my brother says, we’re lucky to have the problems we have. The truly inspirational part was all the help we received.

Help from Fr. O’Gorman and our friends at St Catherine for giving us blessings the day before

Help from the mystery person in Costa Mesa who called 911 and then miraculously cancel the call

Help from Megan’s Dad, Tom who got Megan safely to KoreOne’s offices

Help from Megan’s Mom, Madonna who watched our two other girls while we were in the hospital

Help from Steve Martin and the whole EMT crew getting the cord free and delivering Megan and Piper safely to the hospital

Help from Amber Lara who kept us cool under pressure

Help from the whole Metro Net Fire Authority for getting the crew to us so quickly.  I didn’t realize that while one 911 operator is on the phone with a caller, another is talking to the emergency crews. You learn something new every day.

Help from the Car Spa who detailed the front seats at no charge

Help from the Laguna Beach parents club.  After we finish off the 25 lbs of chicken parm and lasagna, the LB parents have a few more meals for us.

Help from Steve and Adam who picked up the slack at work while I was gone.

Help from all our friends and family who were there for us.

Thanks to all of you!  We appreciate the help.


3 thoughts on “People Helping People

  1. I love your quote “publicly they act like cavemen but privatly they’re gay” gotta love the FMP!

  2. Hi Brian,

    I received this link from Eileen Endo at Orange County Emergency Medical Services. She submitted a nomination for Amber Lara, Steve Martin and Glenn White for a Bravo for Bravery award. Nominees and award recipients will be honored at the 8th Annual Bravo for Bravery Luncheon at the Marconi Automotive Museum in Tustin on June 2. I just wanted to let you know that we were going to be honoring them for their role in assiting with the delivery of your baby in case you wanted to join us in honoring them. Please feel free to contact me for mor information or visit our web site at http://www.oc-redcross.org. Thank you and congratulations on a beautiful baby girl.

    Ishell Linares
    American Red Cross Orange County

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