We had a great visit from Terry at ABC 7, “the number one news station in southern California”.  Those are Terry’s words not mine.  We haven’t been here long enough to know which channel number goes with which station.  He’s a Chicago guy and takes pride in his work.  He spent a little over an hour with us getting all kinds of shots.  The thing that shocked me was that they can edit the story in time to get it on the news at 6.  That’s in 10 minutes.  Here are some shots of our place:

Terry is a man with a plan. We'll see how the shots come out.

See that look on my face, that's a s**t eating grin and it means I can't believe this is happening


2 thoughts on “ABC 7 Visit

  1. LOL, I hadn’t seen these photos yet only the ones in the hospital when I said thanks for the Photo shoot . on the other comment board from Hospital. LOL

    I don’t know how you do it Megan ! Wow you look great ! I can’t believe you just went thru so much.

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