Ok so I’m on my iPhone at the gym using the wordpress app to make this update while on the treadmill. I can do lots of things while still holding my phone. Isn’t technology great!:) The woman across from me is reading the article in the paper. Surreal. I need to go get my haircut just to keep up with my cute wife and daughter…Tv is coming tonight. Don’t worry piper’s agent has final cut in the contract;)

Mom and baby came home on Wednesday. This morning Megan was on the front page of the local newspaper so that was fun. I’m trying to get back into work mode but its still a little hard. On the way home on Wednesday Megan started crying when we passed by Dover and PCH. Its a feel good ending but you can’t help but think about what could have been.

Piper is eating like a Maloney and sleeping like a Hunt. Actually we’re both pretty good at eating and sleeping. She’s a good baby and Eloise and Hadley are great with her.


If you remember from the story, Steve Martin was first on the scene and helped me get the cord free from around Piper’s neck. We have a picture of Steve Martin, compliments of the OC Register:

Steve Martin first on the scene from the Newport Beach Fire Department

Tell me he doesn’t look like a super hero. Case in point, Fred Ward from the Adventures of Remo Williams. Classic 80’s action flick. How Fred didn’t become the next Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger, I don’t know:

Fred Ward

Fred Ward from Remo Williams

Here are some of Steve’s Notes from our conversation:

THE CORD – When I asked him about the cord, he said it was wrapped around Piper’s neck like a bungy cord. He said he thought about cutting the cord while it was around her neck but he was worried about cutting Piper. In case you’re wondering, Steve has never delivered a baby before. Its amazing that neither one of us hurt Piper while trying to free the cord.

RESPONSE TIME – I was amazed at how quickly the crew got to Dover and PCH. The station is 4 minutes away and I think they got there within 3 minutes of us stopping. Mainly because the 911 operator, Amber dispatched them as soon as we talked to them.

Steve told me that they never would have made it there so fast had it not been for a cancelled call in Costa Mesa. The call brought them back to the area but since it was cancelled they weren’t off responding to that call. I’m sure 911 would have dispatched someone else but there is no way that they would have made it in time. I don’t know what happened in Costa Mesa that caused the call or the cancellation but THANK YOU.

DOC MARTIN – Steve admitted he’s never had a field delivery before but he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express. Thank god he did because he sure played the part. The guys at the station stopped making wild and crazy guy jokes. Now they call him Doctor Martin. Hopefully they don’t start calling him Remo Williams now. Sorry Steve.


Glenn White – He was the captain of the crew. He also had our car detailed and then delivered to the hospital. He came up to labor and delivery to give me the valet ticket. Now that is service.

Geoffry Cathy – I’m pretty sure he was Johnny on the spot with the “baby ER kit”. He had the scissors, clamps and all the stuff to pull this off. When walking to the ambulance I saw a pile of stuff they didn’t need strewn along the ground.

John Testa and Charlie Dall – were the Engineers who got the team there in 3 minutes. This weekend, I’m putting my Highlander up against their Ambulances. They’re giving me a 2 minute head start and I’m going to see if I can beat them to the hospital.

Amber Lara – And a very special special thanks to the mystery woman on the phone. Our guardian angel 911 dispatcher was grace under pressure. She probably won’t like me saying this but she confessed that she was crying like a sissy when Piper was born too. Now I don’t have too many 911 calls under my belt but I can’t imagine someone handling things better than she did. I would venture to guess that she’s one of the best they have.

I also found out that she also owes her whole team ice cream for making the news. That’s a little tradition that they have at 911 dispatch. I guess that’s kind of like getting a hole in one and owing everyone drinks.


Here are all the news sources who have picked up the story. There are a few more, but its basically the same two stories being picked up by multiple sources. We all know this is the best place to get the scoop on this.






Corrections from the above articles:

We don’t have a 1994 Highlander, its a 2004 Highlander. In fact, I don’t know that Toyota made a Highlander in 1994. So if my math is correct, the car will be 22 years old when Piper turns 16. What 16 year old OC girl wouldn’t want a 22 year old soccer mom car?

Also, “Woman goes into labor on PCH” is not really true. Megan went into labor hours before delivering on PCH but it was late and Jeff had a deadline. He and Joe both did a great job.


5 thoughts on “More funny, scary and amazing notes about Piper

  1. I second that motion of jdneen I hope you never stop writing till your fingers are crippled with arthirits about the time that we are watching Pipers grand children being born.
    I hope we get to read a weekly or monthly report of “The Life of Piper” or
    “Pipers Babybook Diary “Including Eloise and Hadley of coarse.
    Hugs to you Megan ! and next time you are that close to delivery Just go to work with Brian everyday with your suitcase 🙂

    To Grandma and Grandpa Thanks for being great grandparents, It has always been my job to babysit in the family when events happen I know it is a hard job babysitting when you want to be there where the action is to help. It is hard to know the babysiting is the best way you can help and yet you also want to be with your other loved ones. And also you would probably want to be there when the grandchildren are born. Your job is the most needed help and doing so is the extra mile in proving true unconditional love. Hugs to you to!

    Connie from Upstate NY ( My fiance is a Civil Engineer from Ca. and is there working right now and will be home In Ny next week ) I saw your story on KTLA

  2. Delivering Dad ~ this story keeps getting better and better. 🙂 Keep up the posts.
    Amber you rock! THIS is why we show up each n every shift. Metro Net Fire is the place to be and perhaps we have a new tag line, “PCH baby!” LOVE IT

    Bless you Piper! 🙂

    Kelly H.

  3. Great pics! We all jumped for joy at 6 when we saw the Hunt Family on channel 7 news. I’d post a pic of the ice cream parade we’re having here if I could!! Drumsticks and Vanilla with Chocolate, Caramel Sauce and toppings! 🙂

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