Wow, lots of traffic. We’re getting ready to leave the hospital now. Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes. Please feel free pass this on or leave a comment for Piper below.  By popular demand, I’ve also provided some more pics

Baby Girl Piper

Baby Girl Piper

The girls meet their new sister

The girls meet their new sister

Dad and Piper

Morning after shot with Dad and Piper


9 thoughts on “Follow up to our little PCH

  1. Brian,

    That is one of the most amazing things i have ever read. Glad everyone is ok.

    You THE MAN!

    Hope things are well,


  2. Hi there Brian & Megan, I came across your blog and it sounds like a great story for the paper. If you’d be willing to talk a bit more about the delivery, please give me a call as soon as possible, thanks very much …

    Jeff Overley, Orange County Register

  3. HELLO WORLD – what an entry that Piper will hear about for the rest of her life. Unreal story!! Congrats on the momenteous newest addition to your family.
    The Mazur’s

  4. Love the blog…..much better then the “news” they never continuue on with the story!!!

    Piper’s beautiful….thanks again for sharing

  5. Something very special is happening here.Thank you so much Megan & Brian for letting us share the joy of your family. I feel like an extended part of the Hunt family 🙂 .
    It is so thoughtful of you to share the photos and keep us updated ! Maybe Piper Cecilia Hunt Is our little Ray of courage and light in these troublesome times.
    I was talking to my sister today about the woes around us and then I said Oh something great has happened and I told her the story about the Hunt family and suddenly all was in balance again.

    Its no coincidence that the girls has a Daddy that likes to write and does so well at that.
    Thanks Megan for the photo shoot I am sure you really were not feeling up to a session today 🙂
    Thank you also Hadley and Eloise you have a beautiful baby sister .
    Look at the head of hair she has already !

    Awesome Thanks guys !

  6. Thank You Brian for sharing this miracle story. I was lucky enough to be with Martin when he received it and he began reading out loud. Needless to say we both were quite moved, pretty emotional ourselves, and so very grateful for the glorious outcome!! Thank you also for being such a terrific friend to Martin since Miami! It means so much to him. And thanks for more homily fodder! I think this story will be heard more than a few times from the pulpit. Take Care and God bless you, again and again! Margaret Schreiber

  7. I still havent been able to get you all out of my mind. I came to the blog site to see if there is an update. I cant wait to read everything. But first I saw this picture of Piper and she is GORGEOUS! And that picture of her sisters smothering her with the dolls is adorable. Ok – now I have to go read the update. It looks like maybe you are on TV?

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